Art & Music = Breathing Space

In this space, I invite you to take a moment and breathe...


I started painting landscapes in acrylics.  Mountains, rocks, canyons and water is what I love to paint right now and I can't wait to try oils!  Hope you enjoy my paintings shown here.


Heart Instrument

When I was a kid and taking piano lessons, I would abandon the structure of scales and repetition and go into my own world of making melodies.  It was magical and the keys allowed me to create.  The piano is my 'heart' instrument. I have several unrecorded melodies that will one day be here. 

I invite you to listen and take in the extraordinary photography of Fiona Green.  

Fiona has graciously allowed me to pair my song 'Enchanted' with her beautiful picture that she took of a Cave in Banff, Alberta.